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Ski Resort Test Feldberg (GER)

Skiing-Fun Unlimited

06.12.2019 Free Skiing Day for Santa Claus

15.12.2019 Ski Testing Sport Müller

29.12.2019 - 03.01.2020 SWR Summit Radio

16.01.2020 Schools in Snow

17.01.2020 Winter BBQ at Feldberg

31.01. - 02.02.2020 FIS Snowboard Worldcup

07.02. - 09.02.2020 FIS Skicross Worldcup

21.02.2020 Witches Contest

17.01. /28.02. / 20.03.2020 Winter BBQ at Feldberg

29.02.2020 Schwarzwild Shred - Snowpark Feldberg

15.03.2020 Treasure Hunting

20.03.2020 Winter BBQ at Feldberg

18.04.2020 Feldberg Masters

19.04.2020 Season Final

The Feldberg - synonym for winter sports in the southwest. But not only Freiburgers, Donaueschingers and Stuttgarters romp about on the well-maintained low mountain range slopes, the wildly romantic High Black Forest now boasts holiday guests from all over Europe thanks to a sophisticated concept. Frenchmen from Alsace can be found here as well as Dutchmen, Belgians and numerous northern Swiss.

They all appreciate the magnificent ski area in the 'Dreiländereck', which has 2 peaks and 14 lifts.

When I speak of a sophisticated concept, two things need to be mentioned: The large multi-storey car park at 1,300 m with twelve hundred parking spaces and the Zeigerbahn, which perfectly connects the Seebuck and Grafenmatt areas. Both projects were controversial - but they are incredibly important for the development of the Feldberg as a modern ski resort.
The multi-storey car park is great, because many of the ski guests are day tourists and arrive by their own cars. Not only is it really comfortable (dry, sheltered from the wind, illuminated), it also increases traffic safety if the cars are not parked for miles on both sides of the pass on the B317. And those who buy a ski pass also park for free.
The B317 has always separated the subareas 'Seebuck' and 'Grafenmatt'. If you wanted to go from one zone to the other in the past, you had to unbuckle your skis and cross the busy main road. Today there is a ski bridge in one direction and if you want to go back to the Seebuck side, just take the fast chairlift. At the end of the ski day it's even possible to ski directly to the car park entrance. That's perfect.

Ski Area Map Feldberg: by courtesy of Liftverbund Feldberg/Hochschwarzwald Tourismus GmbH

Travel & Accomodation

The Feldberg can be reached by car from Stuttgart via the A81 in about two hours. From Karlsruhe you drive a quarter of an hour longer (via the A5). Train connection ends in 'Feldberg/Bärental' which is approx. 6.5 kilometers from the ski station. Then you have to take the bus to get to the ski area (approx. 15 minutes). But also from the villages Titisee and Todtnau you can reach the top of the pass in 30 minutes with the 'Feldbergbus' line 7300.
Please keep an eye on the weather forecast if you come by car! If there is snowfall, don't drive on the B317 with even the best summer tyres or worn winter tyres. It is curvy, it is steep in some places and rain at lake Titisee becomes heavy snowfall with closed snow cover at the latest from Bärental. In really bad weather you should even have wheel chains with you. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that nobody comes into the ski area anymore, because vehicles always get stuck in the same places, the whole traffic comes to a standstill and the winter service cannot clear because of cars or trucks standing across.

Around the Feldberg there is a variety of overnight accommodations in all categories. However, the number of hotel beds directly at the top of the Feldberg pass is quite limited as there are only a handful of hotels. Two hotels I would like to mention here. On the one hand the especially family-friendly 'Feldberger Hof' on the Seebuck side and the 'Burg Hotel' of the Staub family on the Grafenmatt side.

Slopes, Lifts, Snow Flurry

The Feldberg is not only 'The highest' in the Black Forest - the Feldberg definitely stands for unlimited skiing fun in the southwest. Snow sport rookies especially appreciate the 'Seebuck' with its wide, open and not too steep slopes. An ideal training terrain for small and large skiers. But not only beginners are in good hands here, even the world elite of ski- and boardercrossers have been riding here for years for fame and world cup points.
At the more demanding 'Grafenmatt', snow sports and the Black Forest combine to form a real nature experience. Slalom and giant slalom runs on the sunny Zeller lifts are fun. Just like the three kilometre Rothaus descent to Fahl. The two red runs at the Silberwiesen lifts are really sporty. The black runs 'Fahler Loch' and 'Ahornbühl' are even more demanding. But king of the mountain is without a doubt the FIS World Cup downhill run. Black is really black and not for the untrained. Few people suspect such a difficult and steep slope here. Conversely, I know many who say 'Feldberg' is too easy - only something for beginners and so on. It's funny that most of them never skied the 'Fahler Loch' or the 'FIS'. Probably too easy ;-)
Not accessible by lift and only a topic for tourers is the 'Zastler Loch' on the north side of the Feldberg. Have a look at the clips on YT. I think it's great - but beware, avalanches are absolutely an issue here.
The Feldberg Ski Resort offers nine T-bar lifts, five chair lifts, 16 ski runs and 30 km of slopes. Not bad for a German low mountain range. In addition to the great alpine offer, the Feldberg region also offers around 120 km of groomed cross-country trails of all levels of difficulty.

From Huts and Pine Cones

It is a well-known fact that the winter sportsman's body must be regularly supplied with energy, as it is completely exposed to wind and weather on the slopes. And this is exactly why 125 years ago, in addition to skiing itself, the Black Forest people also invented the 'Stopover Swing'. Thank you dear Black Forest people!

When it comes to huts and après-ski, the Feldberg Ski Resort offers a wide range which need not fear comparison with significantly larger and more famous ski resorts. Whether 'chilling in the sun' in a deckchair with a delicious cocktail in front of the Himalaya Lodge (BestMusic@Feldberg), enjoying tasty spaghetti Bolognese at the Grafenmatt Mountain Inn or celebrating après-ski on the terrace of the Rothaus Chalet with burgers, fries and a local 'Tannenzäpfle' beer - hospitality is very important at the Feldberg.


Skiing on the Feldberg mountains in the High Black Forest - for me the best low mountain ski area of the republic. Beautiful slopes, modern lifts and a great range of huts and restaurants. In addition, the Feldberg Ski Resort really offers everything that goes with skiing and snowboarding: hotels and guesthouses, sports shops, ski schools, children's lifts, great small and large international events. Above all, however, Feldberg offers one thing: relative snow reliability.
If you look south from the Seebuck, you think the Alps with their four-thousand-metre peaks are within reach - what a great panorama. I really enjoy coming to the Feldberg Ski Resort, but try to catch those days when there isn't so much of a crowd. Unfortunately, it can get quite crowded at the highest point in the Black Forest and then even the best and fastest lifts won't help: stand in line and wait patiently. As in almost every other popular ski resort, but I guess you know that.
Of course you can't expect slopes and conditions like in the Central Alps at Feldberg. It is and remains a low mountain range ski area, although with an alpine character and great infrastructure. And so my summary is: Feldberg Ski Resort = Skiing Fun Unlimited.

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